The ultimate tool for the ultimate road trip: 30 Major League Baseball parks in 30 days

If you’re a diehard baseball junkie and are also a little bit crazy, this is for you. Ballpark_in_Arlington_May_2009

Baseball fanatic Ben Blatt and his friend Eric Brewster hit the road for an epic trip last year, spanning tens of thousands of miles in hopes of seeing each big-league ballpark in under one month.

They succeeded.

Using the same algorithm they employed for their trip, baseball fans everywhere can now plan their own 30-day adventure across the good ol’ U.S. of A.

For fun, I calculated my own month of adventure to see what I could come up with. Starting in Milwaukee on May 7, I could see each stadium in 29 days, 15 hours. The trip would take me 19,514 miles, and I’d end up back in Brew City on night of June 5.

My trip included some long hauls, such as a 2,278-mile drive from Seattle to Houston on May 29-30. According to Google Maps, this is a 34-hour trek. Eeek.

If I had it my way, I would much rather visit each park over a longer period of time. But if you’re up for a baseball adventure that will test your will, mettle and ability to stay awake while behind the wheel, this tool is the ace in your rotation.


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