Boston Red Sox catcher David Ross turns ‘Major League’ into a one-man show

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the movie ‘Major League’, a classic David-vs.-Goliath story that was mostly filmed in Milwaukee. The plot follows the lowly Cleveland Indians and their humorous attempts to overcome on-field and off-field adversity.

To celebrate the milestone, Boston Red Sox catcher David Ross staged a one-man performance of the movie. He takes on the roles of manager Lou Brown, as well as players Willie Mays Hayes, Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn, Pedro Cerrano and Roger Dorn.

While it was disappointing not to see any references to Bob Uecker as the Indians announcer, Ross does a pretty amazing job of recreating scenes from the movie. His impression of Lou Brown is spot-on.

They might be receiving their 2013 World Series rings today at Fenway Park, but this video should be the most celebrated Red Sox achievement of the moment.


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