San Diego Padres issue challenge to fans: hit a homer, get season tickets

The San Diego Padres are holding a new “Swing for your Seats” promotion that gives fans a chance to hit a home run for season tickets at Petco Park.


This is not as easy as it sounds, especially since Petco has typically ranked near the bottom of MLB parks in terms of hits and home runs accumulated there since it opened in 2004. Some changes to the park have improved the numbers a bit, but it’s still a tough place for even big leagers to clear the fence.

If you’re one of the interested fans, here are the outfield wall dimensions you’re up against:

  • Left field Line – 334 feet
  • Left field – 367 feet
  • Left field alley – 390 feet
  • Center field – 396 feet
  • Right field alley – 391 feet
  • Right field – 382 feet
  • Right field line – 322 feet

The promotion is being held on March 15, so prospective sluggers have just a couple weeks to fine tune their swings. I’m excited to see some footage of people giving this a go.


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