The Milwaukee Brewers: 2013’s Kings of the TOOTBLAN

One of my favorite statistical categories in baseball is not found in box scores or in sabermetric data.butt-tag

It’s a stat known as the TOOTBLAN. or “Thrown Out On The Basepaths Like a Nincompoop”. The stat was invented in 2008 by a Cubs fan, after realizing how Ryan Theriot’s on-base percentage from the lead-off spot was deceptive.

Theriot would get on base frequently, but would make a bone-headed baserunning error and be thrown out. Thus, the “The Ryan Theriot Adjusted On-Base Percentage” and TOOTBLAN were born.

And there is an amazing site dedicated to the TOOTBLAN, which even has a searchable database of TOOTBLANs. It’s great stuff.

Today, the site posted an infographic of the team who was the best at being worst on the bases in 2013: the Milwaukee Brewers. The Jean Segura baserunning video posted there is something to behold.

The Brewers led the majors in TOOTBLANs with 82 last season. Carlos Gomez was the worst offender, with 15 baserunning brain farts in 2013.

The Astros (76), Rangers (74), Angels (72) and Rockies/Pirates (72) round out the top five TOOTBLANing teams from last year.


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