Countdown to ‘Skyfall’: Day 0017 – ‘GoldenEye’

The world changed greatly after ‘Licence to Kill’ came out in 1989. Mainly, the Soviet Union no longer existed, eliminating the basis for many of James Bond’s fiercest foes.

James Bond was seen by many, including mew M, Judi Dench, as a relic of the Cold War. In fact, ‘GoldenEye’ was able to prove that Bond films could exist in a post-Cold War world where enemies and friends are difficult to distinguish.

Donning the tux for his mission as 007 was Pierce Brosnan. Long considered for the part, the Irishman took the suave, humorous elements of Roger Moore with the seriousness of Sean Connery and Timothy Dalton to create a Bond well suited for the 1990s.

In ‘GoldenEye’, 007 investigates the theft of Russian satellites capable to emitting an electromagnetic pulse and destroying anything with an electrical circuit. Involved in the theft is a shady criminal organization called Janus, named after a two-faced Roman god. It’s a name that turns out to be very apropos.

Selected to direct ‘Goldeneye’ was Martin Campbell. The critical and commercial success of ‘GoldenEye’ ensured James Bond’s relevance, and made Campbell the obvious choice to direct another series-saving Bond film in 2006.

The popularity of the movie led to the development of a successful Nintendo 64 video game released in 1997. ‘Goldeneye 007’ went on to sell eight million copies worldwide and was instrumental in the development of other first person shooters that followed.

Ushering James Bond into the post-Cold War era, ‘GoldenEye’ made sure that 007 could exist in a modern world. Pierce Brosnan also proved that he could carry the James Bond mantle into the 21st century.


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