Countdown to ‘Skyfall’: Day 007 – ‘Diamonds Are Forever’

Guess who’s back?

Sean Connery returns to the role of James Bond for today’s film, ‘Diamonds Are Forever’. In this adventure, 007 and his old nemesis, Blofeld, go head-to-head once again. This time, Blofeld develops a space weapon using the title gems, hoping to pit global superpowers against each other in a bidding war for nuclear dominance.

Connery took the role after previous Bond, George Lazenby, declined a seven-picture deal and bowed out after his one appearance in the tux. Producers scrambled to find a new actor to play the role, but the head of United Artists made it clear that Connery was to brought back, no matter the cost.

In exchange for his return to the part of 007, Connery demanded a huge salary of £1.25 million, and was also given guaranteed backing for two future films of his choice. Connery used the salary (which is the equivalent of £20 million today) to set up a charity for fellow Scottish artists.

Unfortunately, the resulting film took all the seriousness from ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ and flipped it on its head. Campy villains and mediocre action make this one of the few truly disappointing entries in the series. Not even the powerful theme song by Shirley Bassey could resurrect this one from near the bottom of the Bond barrel.


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