My favorite show on television – Happy Endings

I do not subscribe to a television service provider (cable, dish, etc.), so my experience with shows on pay channels is minimal. There are a few exceptions, as I buy ‘Dexter’ on DVD after each season and just watched season two of ‘The League’ with some friends on Netflix.

But the one show that is must-see TV for me each week is ABC’s ‘Happy Endings.’ As a matter of fact, ABC’s Wednesday lineup from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. is quite fantastic – specifically ‘The Middle,’ ‘Modern Family’ and ‘Happy Endings.’

What really makes ‘Happy Endings’ work for me is the relevance of the writing. The comedy is timely and routinely is based on pop culture references. Yesterday’s episode, for example, touched on another cable TV masterpiece (that I’ve yet to watch), ‘The Wire.’

The writers also push the boundaries of broadcast television with some of the adult humor and references used on the show. This keeps it edgy without being too over-the-top.

The show is also supported by great guest star appearances from Damon Wayans (whose son is a regular on the cast), Megan Mullally, Michael McKean, Fred Savage and even Brent Musburger.

If you haven’t yet checked out ‘Happy Endings,’ you owe it to yourself to watch an episode.


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