‘I Wonder Where They Are Now’ Wednesday – Chingy

Ever wonder where your favorite actors, musicians and athletes from yesteryear have disappeared to?

Find out by reading ‘I Wonder Where They Are Now’ Wednesday!

First up in this hard-hitting series is a rapper who exploded on the music scene in 2003. Howard Bailey, Jr., better known as Chingy, hit it big with three consecutive Top-3 singles in the early part of the last decade. His debut hit, ‘Right Thurr,’ reached No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart following its release on June 29, 2003.

Chingy followed up with two other megahits, ‘Holidae In’ and 2004’s ‘One Call Away.” However, he has failed to notch a Top 50 single since 2006 and has fell from the mainstream music scene.

According to his Wikipedia page, Chingy is working on his fifth studio album and is releasing a mixtape named ‘Jackpot Black.’

So it seems Chingy is still putting in wurrk to replicate the success he had nearly 10 years ago. Hurrs to seeing Chingy back on the churrts real soon.


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